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Getting to Know Amy Hest

I am a big fan of coffee

ice cream. Mmm!

Yep, that's me on

roller skates.

Yep, that's me on

a pogo stick.

Here is our dog, Billy!

"I'm a writer, but I also love to walk (with a dog is best) and eat ice cream."

Do you like lists?  I do!  So here are a few lists for you to take a look at.  See what you think!


List #1. Things I like (this is my favorite list).

  • Babies

  • Dogs

  • Rainy days

  • Snowy days

  • Big boots

  • Grandmas and Grampas

  • Trains

  • Books  

  • Libraries


List #2. Things I like to do (this is also my favorite list, sorry!)

  • Walk my dog (in actual fact, Billy is my daughter’s dog, but I often call him my dog, due to spending so much time walking him while my daughter is off teaching first graders).

  • Walk my dog in the rain

  • Walk in the rain without my dog

  • Walk my dog in the snow

  • Walk in the snow without my dog

  • Ride a bike

  • Eat ice cream


List # 3. Things I DON'T Like:

  • Sewing

  • Lima beans

  • Whining

  • Long car rides

  • Reptiles of any kind

  • Bullies


List # 4. Things I Do A Lot Of, But Wish I Were BETTER At:

  • Writing (It's true; every day -- every single day -- I try to be a better writer than I was the day before!)

  • Swimming

  • Laundry

(P.S. Amy Hest is a three-time winner of the Christopher Medal and winner of the BOSTON GLOBE-HORN BOOK Award. Wow! That's big!)

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