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New York University, School of Professional & Continuing Studies
New York, NY

Getting a Children’s Book Published

Your instructor is Amy Hest!


Many writers have ideas for children’s books tucked away in their heads. This class is an opportunity to explore those ideas and turn them into stories. Beginning and experienced authors alike survey the field of children’s literature, write what they’ve always wanted to write, and uncover the secrets to successfully publishing a children’s book. Students learn what’s classic and new in the field, how to pace their manuscripts, the important roles that voice and point of view play in children’s books, how to develop a character, plotting and starting off a story with a hook, and ending with a flourish.


The Bankstreet College of Education
New York, NY

Writing Your First Children's Book

Your instructor is Amy Hest!


So you want to write a children's book! Here is a workshop to help you get started, once and for all. In this friendly, supportive environment, class discussions will focus on all aspects of good story telling and good writing, including tone of voice, clear dialogue, characters who feel real, and beautiful language. You will return to your classes with a better understanding of the writing process so that you, in turn, can help each student to find pleasure in crafting a piece of writing in his or her voice.


The First Book Blog

Podcast Interview

with Amy Hest


First Book interviewed award-winning children’s book author Amy Hest, the highly versatile creator of more than forty books for young readers. Among Amy Hest’s books are Mr. George Baker, illustrated by Jon J Muth, and the beloved Baby Duck stories, illustrated by Jill Barton, Remembering Mrs. Rossi, a middle-grade novel about a girl learning to grieve, and more.


Amy spoke about her unique approach to writing children’s books, the experience of seeing her characters come to life through illustration and the role that ice cream plays in keeping her going as an author! Be sure to listen in on the full conversation, in honor of Children's Book Week!


Interview Length: 9:36


Listen to the interview here.

How to contact me for your event!

I especially LOVE school visits, where I can connect with young readers and their teachers, discuss my life as a writer, and show (with many examples) how we are ALL writers. I also enjoy bookstore events and all occasions where I can meet readers and writers of all ages.


Please contact my publisher, or send me a note directly by email.  I eagerly await your note!  amylhest@gmail.com


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